Compression Springs for Aerospace

For well over 20 years, Ressorts Masselin has been delivering springs to the aerospace industry. Our level of expertise and reliability, acquired by working for the nuclear sector, has also convinced customers in the aerospace.
Our customers have stringent requirements regarding quality and document management, continuity of processes and on-time delivery, and have found in Ressorts Masselin a reliable partner.

Our springs are used in :

- Motors
- Flight controls
- Wings
- Cockpits

- Doors
- Actuators
- Landing gears
- And many other applications

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Our R&D department can assist you with the design and conception of new parts, in build-to-print or build-to-spec. We are well known by our customers as a  partner of quality.

We are working as tier 1 with Aircraft Manufacturers, tier 2 for OEM's, and tier 3 for the sub-contractors.

Ressorts Masselin's production capabilities allow us to produce a great variety of springs :

  • Wire or strip metal from 0.2 mm to 20 mm
  • Special springs made from machined bar
  • Steel conforming to the EN 10 270 standard , stainless steel EN 10 270-3 AMS / ASTM
  • Special alloys (Ube2, titanium, nimonic, inconel) to AMS / ASTM specification
  • Our offers include special finishing processes such as phosphating, cadmium plating, chemical processing (NADCAP : Passivation), and special painting carried out by qualified sub contractors.


R A F 11
Stainless steel springs and inconel

R A F 13
Spring of strip metal

R A F 14
compression springs of copper - beryllium

R A F 15
Compression spring painted to aerospace standards

Ressorts-1-27 path redim
Compression spring

R S 28
Machined compression spring


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