Traction & torsion for Aerospace

Ressorts Masselin's experience allows us to respond to the most stringent requirements for the manufacturing and control of springs.

A torsion spring is a helical spring principally used to counter and then to restitute a torque or turning moment, the movement of the resilient material being in flexion.

A traction spring is a helical spring which extends under tension, wound into touching coils, and almost always pre-tensioned. These springs often have tapered ends with attachment rings. It extends under load and restitutes a return force..

We are able to manufacture all types of traction and torsion spring :

  • Straight legs
  • All types of ring
  • Springs with mechanical pieces
  • Lare dimensions wide choice of materials
  • Wire diameter from 0.2 to 20 mm
  • Various shaped or threaded end fittings
  • Shot peening and double coat epoxy finish
  • Assembly

Further to our production capacities, our technical team has put in place other services which respond to our customer's requirements :

  • A calculation software for hot coiled springs which integrates the diameters of existing mandrels
  • A choice of refurbishing services which extends the life span of working springs

This repair service has been developed over the last few years ; it allows to keep in service springs which are still in good condition, after control operations. This means the customer can save money by not having to buy new equipment.


Ressorts-1-22 path redim

Torsion springs

Ressorts-1-14 Path redim
Spiral sring Ube 2

Ressorts-1-20 path redim
Traction spring with double torsion springs

R A F 19

Torsion springs with legs

R A F 17

Spring with looped ends

R A F 18

Traction spring with threaded end fittings

38 redim
Spiral spring

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