Special Springs for Aerospace

This family of springs include spring or 'Belleville' washers as well as any part made of strip metal which has a spring effect.

Thanks to our engineering workshops, we can cut and shape these components according to specification, from our large range of stock materials, and supply them in small or large production runs.

Ressorts Masselin's production capabilities allows spring production using a variety of materials :

  • Wire or strip steel from 0.2 mm
  • Spring steel according to EN 10 270 standard for class SH-DH and EN 10 270-2 for oil tempered wires
  • Stainless steel to standard EN 10 270-3
  • Special alloys like Ube2, titanium, nimonic, inconel according to AMS / ASTM spec. or to customer specification

NADCAP Chemical Processing : Passivation

We have set up a passivation workshop to decontaminate pieces made of inox from ferritic pollution according to AMS2700.

  • We are recognised NADCAP N° 11758167339
  • This means we can also offer a passivation service in our factory.

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R A F 20

Springs for special applications

R A F 21
Spring washers

R A F 22
Shaped springs

R A F 23

R A F 24
Special rings

Ressorts-1-05 path redim
Circlips with different sections : round, rectangular

Ressorts-1-35 path redim
Torsion bar with splined ends

Ressorts-1-08 path redim
Torsion bar with splined ends
Ø 4mm body x Length 63.9mm



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