Certifications & Quality

  Managing Quality

When Robert Masselin had his first advertisement published, he included the expression : " Quality Spring". This company strategy of producing quality springs has been integrated from the beginning.
Today we could even say "High Quality Springs"
There are in fact very few defective pieces that we and our customers have discovered over the years.
Having delivered quality springs since well over 80 years to our customers, one could nearly say they are a typical brand !
We recommend you to read our reference book " Spring Technology", which will further convince you.

Certifications and approvals

 Ressorts Masselin hold several certifications and approvals. It reflects our continuous efforts to satisfy diverse customer segments :


ISO 9001 : 2008

EN 9100 : 2009


Gost Approval

ISO 9001




Gost Approval

Low temperatures down to

-60° C

pdf pdf pdf  



NADCAP - Chemical processing - 'Passivation'

Referential : AMS2700 Method 1 Type 6

This process eliminates ferritic contaminants on the surface of stainless steels in order to increase their resistance to corrosion.
This process has received NADCAP approval according to aeronautical standard AS 7003.

Certificat NADCAP Chemical porcessing


Approvals with customers :
  •          UTAS  - RATIER FIGEAC   
  •          ZODIAC  -  Zodiac Fluid Equipements and
    Zodiac Hydraulics
Passivation1 Passivation2


Quality File :

Upon request, and according to customer's needs,  Ressorts Masselin's Quality Department has the experience and know how to supply diverse documents which attests to the conformity of our products :

  • Certificate 3.1 : This certificate declares that the products delivered conform in all points to the customer's purchase order requirements, and mentions specific or non-specific test results.

  • FAI (First Article Inspection) : This certificate is furnished on request for a first time production, and contains all recordings and measurements thereby attesting the conformity of the product  to specified requirements ( drawings, specifications, ...) It is being established observing EN 9102 rules, and must be validated by the customer.

  •  DVI (Industrial validation paperwork) : On top of an FAI certifications, this document can be added. It describes the production process (manufacturing operations, control plan with identification of the machines and measurement instruments used, identification of sub-contracted processes) . The DVI specifies the production process for this and all  subsequent productions. This report must be validated by the customer before shipment of the goods.

  • EOMR (End of manufacturing report) : Depending on the product requirements, this document contains all the recordings specified by the customer (control plan, 3.1. certificate, load reports, dimensional reports, results from the non-destructive testing, ....)

Means and systems of control

An organization on several levels :

1. Dimensional control


By 3D camera


By 2D vision


2. Load testing

Controlecharge1 Controlecharge2 Elasticometre1 Torsiometre1 UTS600 ZWICK150


Load (1 N à 600 KN) or torque test, controlled by PC, compression or relaxation tests, testing of spring rates, lateral force check, printouts of curves and certificates.


 Load testing machine for low forces


Torque meter for torque measuring on torsion springs


 UTS 600 (60T)


ZWICK 150 (15T)


3. Non-destructive testing : Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) or Dye penetrant test




Non - destructive test bench with magnetic particle inspection with demagnetizing, or springs made from ferro-magnetic metals. Test chain for colored dye penetrant test for steel or non magnetic alloys.
All our operators are certified Level 2 according to norm ISO 9712.


The investment strategy and constant renewal of its production machinery allows Ressorts Masselin to continue to suggest improvement on current production methods.