Large Dimensions for ENERGY

Masselin is proud to manufacture the largest spring in the world, made from rod with a diameter of 97 mm, 14 m long, made from steel Chrome according to EN 10 089. The inner diameter of this piece is 550 mm, with a free height of 1500 mm and weight of 750 kg !

Despite its huge size, this piece still responds to the same tolerances as smaller pieces and undergoes strict testing. It could be used in actuators, in subsea conditions, to open or close a valve at an offshore petrol installation. The security demands on this piece are such that no mistake is acceptable.

Examples of control  :

  • Ultra sound on bar
  • magnetic particle inspection after heat treatment
  • Load control
  • Dimensional control

In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, our engineers have developed further services requested by our customers :

  • Software for the spring calculations including existing mandrel sizes required for the hot rolling of springs
  • A spring refurbishment procedure for doubling the life expectancy of operational springs

R A C 06

Compression springs with closed & ground ends, also available with variable pitch or section

R A C 05

Spring with retracted ends

Large dimension spring wire
 Ø   97 mm

Spring with retracted ends

2-14 Path redim

Actuator spring

2-16 path redim
Compression spring


2-06 path redim
Painted torsion spring

Ressorts-1-30 path redim
Torsion springs


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