Sub-assembly for energy

Special springs and more specifically spring based mechanical assemblies, incorporate other mechanical parts than traditional helical spring.

Our competence spreads over many levels :

  • Calculation of springs and full sub-assemblies
  • In depth knowledge about steel and alloys
  • Manufacturing capabilities
  • Assembly

To this end, Masselin has a workshop for machining and mounting of equipment, which together with the rest of the factory allows us to offer a fully integrated package of springs and complex assemblies with elastic function :

  • Conventional springs (compression, traction, torsion)
  • Machined springs
  • Machining and mounting of mechanical sub-assemblies

Ressorts Masselin's success in special applications is due to our ability to combine design, prototype manufacturing with complete inspection along with series production. 


Ressorts-1-12 path redim

Sub-assembly with elastic function

2-03 path redim

Valve springs with support washers

R S 30

Traction springs end fixtures

R S 26

Traction spring with screwed end fixtures

R S 25

Traction springs with mounting plates

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