Compression for industry

Since many years, Ressort Masselin has specialised on the manufacturing of pieces with high added value, in the context of fierce competition and with stringent customer requirements. Our R&D office can accompany you in the development of new pieces, based on your design brief and thereby implement the conception of a spring.

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Ressort Masselin's production capabilities allow us to produce a great variety of springs :

  • Wire or strip metal from 0.2 mm to 20 mm
  • Special springs made form machined bar
  • Steel conforming to the EN 10 270 standard, stainless steel EN 10 270-3 AMS/ASTM
  • Special alloys (Ube2, titanium, nimonic, inconel) to AMS/ASTM specification
  • Our offers include special finishing processes such as phosphating, cadmium plating, and spectial painting carried out by qualified sub-contractors.

R A F 13

Spring of strip metal

R A F 14

compression springs of copper-beryllium

R A F 11

Stainless steel springs and inconel

2-12 path redim

Spring with variable pitch

2-16 path redim

Compression spring

2-14 Path redim

Actuator spring


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