Traction & Torsion springs for Industry

Ressorts Masselin's experience allows us to respond to the most stringent requirements for the manufacturing and control of springs.

We are able to manufacture all types of traction and torsion springs  :

  • Straight legs
  • All types of ring
  • Springs with mechanical pieces
  • Large dimensions
  • In small, medium and large series

Further to our production capacities, our technical team has put in place other services which respond to our customer's requirements :

  • A calculation software for hot coiled springs which integrates the diameters of existing mandrels
  • A choice of refurbishing services which extends the life span of working springs

This repair service has been developed over the last few years ; it allows to keep in service springs which are still in good condition, after control operations. This means the customer can save money by not having to buy a new equipment.

R A C 09

Torsion spring with straight legs


Traction spring with looped end

R A C 07

Large diameter torsion spring

2-05 path redim

Spiral spring

Ressorts-1-22 path redim

Torsion springs

Ressorts-1-20 path redim

Traction spring with double torsion springs

Ressorts-1-30 path redim

Torsion springs

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