International Supplier Seminar ' KORAIL '

Masselin is invited to the international supplier seminar ' KORAIL', the Asian joint venture of the  SNCF group and the National Korean Rail.

Since 1999, SNCF has been in contact with the '' KORAIL '' railway company, the fifth largest high - speed operator in the world, with which it has cooperated in the implementation of the 46 KTX I train sets (designed by Alstom).

The Chairman of the Executive Board of  SNCF and the International Director of  KORAIL expressed their very strong wish to organize a special day for successful French '' Suppliers '' in South Korea, to be held on 8 March 2017 in Daejon (where KORAIL is based and Located at 50 minutes by TGV of Séoul).

Springs  Masselin will be present to provide its support and know-how in terms of suspensions springs and especially its expertise in  torsion bars , to allow the Korean Rail to be at the highest international level in terms of comfort and stability.







The technical requirements for the spring ends manufacture differ from market to market.
The German standard favors  tapered ends instead of close and ground ends.
Masselin is now fully equipped to comply with this specification.



 Tapered ends


Following the German demand, Masselin has invested in a tapering machine to integrate this new process.

We are now equipped and already supplying tapered coiled springs for the German railway industry, a perfect example being Bombardier in Siegen.
With this investment we are able to produce at the highest standard, and be on the front of the demanding rail industry that is always pushing towards higher performance and quality.

Somes Technical Details :

Our tapering machine working range is from 25 mm to 55 mm wire OD, and takes bars up to 8 meters length covering the widest range of product.

After hot coiling, the tapered ends springs are quenched and tempered, then ground.

The rest of the process remains identical and thus perfectly controlled.





Masselin Springs is very proud to supply the primary and secondary suspension springs for  the M7 bogies for the Belgian National Railways.

Masselin positions itself, once again, as a preferred supplier
for SNCB, in this case for the latest generation of double-decker cars capable of traveling up to 200 km/h.


Alstom  and  Bombardier will both supply of the finished product.



Normandy has 40 new Trains

The French Normandy region has ordered Bombardier 40 trains for the Paris - Rouen - Le Havre and Paris - Caen - Cherbourg lines.

A 720 M€ contract that will rejuvenate the existing lines.

The new double-decker trains will be delivered at the end of 2019 and will replace the 'Corail'  that have served for more than 40 years.

Manufacturing will take  place in the Crespin factory, in France.

Springs Masselin is proud to have been selected for the supply of suspension springs.

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