Technical Seminars


Actu Seminaire Technique

The strength of Ressorts Masselin lies in  its ability to assist its customers  in the design of new products.

To go even further and help you succeed, Masselin can organise  technical seminars for its key customers.

We will come to you for a technical meeting on topics that you have chosen or that we can suggest.

This seminars are greatly appreciated since they give new perspectives and fresh ideas to the engineers that are always very satisfied with the acquired knowledge.

The seminars are mostly aimed towards an audiance of engineers or technicains who use springs from a mathematical / technical point of view.

Please contact us if you are interested, we will set up erveything for you.

The Masselin team.



New Mazak Integrex e420-S 3000 machining center

Masselin is a European leader in the manufacture of anti-roll torsion bars.

Ressorts Masselin has mastered the precision machining of a wide range of materials including very hardness metals,  this allows us to offer : 

- Straight bars
- Smooth or grooved bearing bars
- Bar with square tips
- Smooth bearings and grooved ends
- Smooth bearing bars with grooved ends .....


To meet the growing market demand, we invested in a new Mazak Integrex e420-S 3000 machining center.

This machine was received on June 14, 2017.

From the beginning of 2018, our current capacity will be multiplied by 2 !

Do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation and deadline, we are now faster and less expensive.
 solution assemblage  barre torsion 4  Barre torsion 1  barre torsion 2


Paris Air Show

Signatures mails Ressorts Masselin

Ressorts Masselin is very active in the aerospace industry. Our strength is to be able to help you in the development of innovative applications.

We will be exhibiting at Paris Air Show from June 19th to 25th along with NADTEK  , a group of 7 companies which offer a wide range of products with one single contact.

Please come visit us Hall 2B stand E50.


Traction springs for Pantographs


Pantograph LX



Masselin produces traction springs for pantographs, of the highest quality, their function is essential to get a train moving, they connect trains to catenaries ensuring the electricity supply.

These coil springs have to endure millions of cycles without breaking or losing stiffness, are exposed to the elements and cannot fail, otherwise the train will stop.
The production of such springs presents many unique challenges and needs to be mastered perfectly.

Masselin is able to sand blast each coil from the inside and all sides, paint the inside of the spring (coils are touching !!  while covering some parts that do not allow paint and coping with the heat and distortion created by the thermal curing of the powder paint. Not for beginners !

Let's not forget that a spring that is not perfectly shot peened and with a perfectly even layer of paint will very quickly deteriorate and brake. Masselin pantograph springs are built to last millions of cycles without issues.


 Masselin supplies the best brands, for example the spring of the  pantograph LX  for Faiveley.


35 sous ensemble intgrant des ressorts de traction avec accrochages indpendants des spires