Innoprom 2018


Ressorts Masselin SAS trough Russian representative Kuvera LLC will be this year present on the exhibition Innoprom 2018 taking place 09.-12. July 2018 in Ekaterinburg / Russian Federation.


Masselin decided to take a more active position in the Russian industry and takes tribute to the successful import substitution in the country. Russian customers from all industrial sectors especially

  • railway
  • aerospace
  • mining
  • valve industry

are invited to receive full services developing new innovations for the local and the world market with support by spring engineering from Masselin and customer services from Kuvera LLC.

Ressorts Masselin SAS manufactures a complete range of springs of all types of materials on one site in Normandy established in the year 1826. In 2018 the company invested 3 Million Euros in new manufacturing machines for antiroll bars.

Kuvera LLC situated in Velikiy Novgorod near Saint-Petersburg and provides for Masselin full services for logistics and consultancy to industrial clients. The agent is experienced in developing new engineering solutions with Belarussian and Russian manufacturers. Internet:  kuvera 

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