Springs for Transportation

Since many years, Masselin manufactures springs for the railway industry, whether for manufacturers of rolling stock, OEMs and railway companies. This long experience allows us to respond to the most stringent requirements, in terms of life cycle, temperature and protection against corrosion.

The different controls we carry out assure the highest reliability of our products.

Examples of scope of application : 

  • Bogies
  • Doors
  • Pantographs
  • Motors
  • Power transformers

We also provide spring solutions for special vehicles : armoured vehicles, trucks, skips, machines for mining and quarrying.

Here the link where  you can download our brochure pdf

We deliver either the single spring or in couples or trios, matched and load tested, and with or without stops and rubber blocks.

Ressorts Masselin's production capabilities cover all types of springs : 

  • From rod diameter 0.2 to 97 mm and up to a total bar length of 14 m
  • Weight of more than 750 kg
  • Steel grade for hot coiled springs according to the EN 10 089 standard
  • Other steel and alloys according to customer specification (including Tungsten steel)

Apart from manufacturing springs, our engineers have developed other services requested by our customers  :

  • Software for the spring calculations including existing mandrel sizes required for the hot rolling of springs
  • A spring refurbishment procedure for doubling the life expectancy of operating springs

The service of  spring repair has developed strongly over recent years ; it allows to maintain springs which are still in good condition, after having controlled and repainted them. These repairs save money for our customers who are able to delay the purchase of new items.

R A C 06

Compression springs with closed and ground ends, also available with variable pitch or section

R A C 05

Special Springs

2-07 path redim

Spring couple :
1 exterior+ 1 interior

2-12 path redim

Spring with variable pitch

2-16 path redim

Compression spring



variété ressort 1 redim

 Compression, tension, double torsion spring, Archimedes spiral spring

 Ressorts-1-22 path redim

Torsion spring

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