Torsion bar for Transportation

A torsion bar is an active component used to supplement or in some cases replace coil springs used in suspension units.

The workmanship with the different springs steels used and the precision machining allow us to offer a great variety of types of torsion bars :

  • Straight bars
  • Bent bars
  • With or without levers (mounting with splining or hot crimping)

Another application of torsion bars is the transmission of torque with limited distortion.

Ressorts Masselin's in house production capabilities for a complete bar include :

  • Machining torsion bars of large dimensions
  • Partial or complete shot peening
  • Double coated epoxy paint (SNCF accredited)
  • Supply and crimping of levers
  • Smooth or channelled bearings
  • Diameter of bar 74 mm or more, and lengths up to 2880 mm


Torsion bar with hot shrinked levers


Titanium torsion bar with squared ends


Torsion bar with splined end fittings


Torsion bar with smooth bearings and crimped levers

Ressorts-1-33 Path redim

Torsion bar with smooth bearings and splined end pieces (hot crimped levers)

Ressorts-1-37 path redim

Anti-roll bar with bent ends

Ressorts-1-35 path redim

Torsion bar with smooth bearing and splined ends


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