As the success of a project is founded on the exchange of ideas right from the very beginning, our technical team is available to help you design new technical parts. Basing our suggestions on your specifications, we will help you decide on the raw materials, sizing and custom protection. Masselin's strength lies in its knowledge of the entire range of springs: compression, torsion, traction, spring washers, rings, torsion bars, sub-assemblies etc. We also have specialist knowledge of the whole range of possible materials: steels, titanium, nickel-based materials (Inconel, Nimonic etc.), copper-based and cobalt-based materials etc.

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We can manufacture springs with a wire diameter ranging from 0.2 to 97 mm!

We subject every new design to tests for validation. If a part (manufactured by us or by a colleague) is faulty, we take it to the laboratory for analysis, to determine the probable cause of the rupture and to make the necessary modifications for future parts.

We have published a technical document to help you understand springs and their design: Spring technology. A hard copy can be sent to you upon request.